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Military Terms and Definitions

q-message — (*) A classified message relating to navigational dangers, navigational aids,
mined areas, and searched or swept channels.

Q-route — A system of preplanned shipping lanes in mined or potentially mined waters
used to minimize the area the mine countermeasures commander has to keep clear of
mines in order to provide safe passage for friendly shipping. (JP 3-15)

quadrant elevation — (*) The angle between the horizontal plane and the axis of the bore
when the weapon is laid. (DOD only) It is the algebraic sum of the elevation, angle of
site, and complementary angle of site.

quadruple container — A quadruple container box 57.5” x 96” x 96” with a metal frame,
pallet base, and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) corner fittings.
Four of these boxes can be lashed together to form a 20- foot American National
Standards Institute and/or ISO intermodal container. Also called QUADCON.

quay — A structure of solid construction along a shore or bank that provides berthing and
generally provides cargo-handling facilities. A similar facility of open construction is
called a wharf. See also wharf. (JP 4-01.5)

quick response force — A company-sized force providing responsive, mission-tailored,
lightly armed ground units that can deploy on short notice, with minimal lift assets, and
capable of providing immediate or emergency response. Also called QRF. (JP 3-27)



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